BNEF New York Summit: Record Investment in Renewables

Bloomberg New Energy Finance recently presented the linked presentation at their April 2017 New York Summit. The slides show record global investment in renewables and declining generation by large thermal coal plant.

The UK has seen an increase in renewable generation from 2% in 2006 to nearly 30% in 2017. Other European countries have seen similar increases in that same timescale.

The cost of lithium batteries are set to continue to fall, with increasing availability and uptake of electric vehicles.


The above slide shows the predicted net effect of this changing energy mix into the future for winter and summer. The predictions show massively increased renewable generation, and strikingly different winter/summer profiles. Intermittency of renewables results in large increases in volatility and ramp rates. 

This large increase in renewable generation will be dependant on flexible power generation and storage to make up for periods when the wind and solar generate less due to adverse weather conditions. This represents significant oppurtunity for developers of flexible generation. 

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